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Uploading and Editing Projects

We list businesses in the order of the number of uploaded projects. The more projects you upload, the higher your business gets listed in the Explore Manufacturers and/or Find Local Pros pages.

You can upload and/or edit your projects through the My Projects page.

Here are a few tips for the Upload process:

Pick a Cover Photo that best showcases the project. Add relevant keywords and hashtags in the Captions that will help your project show up in users’ searches – e.g. stanced, #bodywrap, #pinstriping Pick the Make, Model and year if you know them. Pick all the Modifications or Restorations done to the vehicle, so a user finds your project when looking for vehicles that have had those modifications or restorations done. If the vehicle or project has a story, tell it in the Project Description section.

You can edit an existing project by clicking on the “Edit” link for that project in the My Projects page.

Instagram Import Feature:

If you have added your Instagram page to your Profile, a green “Import from Instagram” button will be displayed in the My Projects page. Click on the button to automatically import all the posts from your Instagram account. Once the import is completed, you can remove photos, edit captions, modify “project” information, and add tags to individual photos. When you are done, your account will have a “project” that contains all your Instagram posts. Once this “project” has been created, it will be automatically updated every night as long as you include the tags @chariotzinc and #chariotz in any new Instagram posts.


Your business gets listed in the Explore Manufacturers and/or Find Local Pros pages based on the information you enter in your Profile.

It is important to keep your profile accurate and up to date, because it helps our site visitors find you, learn more about you, and follow you.

If you have questions or need help with your account, please contact us at