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STaSIS Signature Series A6 3.0T (2012+); Audi A6

STaSIS Signature Series A6 3.0T (2012+) by STaSIS Engineering in Summit Point , WV , US

  • STaSIS Engineering

    WV -Other

    Expertise: Wheels & Tires; Paint, Wraps & Body; Interior; Performance

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    Username: stasis

    STaSIS supplies a complete line of performance-brake, suspension, driveline, and engine products for A6 vehicles leveraging race-bred technologies from in-house motorsports experience and top-tier race manufacturers.

    Our Signature Series packages create balance by ensuring all systems work in concert, integrating braking, handling,and engine performance so that your car drives like a racecar...but only when you want it to. Our technologies, derived from years of racing, achieve the optimal balance of comfort versus performance.

    With the STaSIS A6 Touring Edition package, Audi's elegant luxury sedan becomes a stealth sports sedan. Larger wheels and exhaust outlets coupled with a lowered stance provide subtle visual cues of what this car is capable of. The dramatic torque and horsepower increases back up the looks with impressive acceleration all the way up the speedometer.

    Building on the race-inspired Touring Edition, the A6 Challenge Edition upgrades brakes and tires. Monobloc brake calipers and two-piece Alcon rotors build confidence every time you scream to a stop.

    Both Touring and Challenge Editions come with STaSIS Signature Series floor mats and STaSIS badges to complete the package.

    All STāSIS products and packages purchased through a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

  • Date Added : Mar 08, 2016
  • Title : STaSIS Signature Series A6 3.0T (2012+)
  • Make : Audi
  • Model : A6
  • Year : 2012
  • Work Done : Wheels & Tires, Interior, Performance
  • Project Cost : Not Specified
  • Trim :
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