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Audi S5 ECU Tuning; Audi S5

Audi S5 ECU Tuning by OE Tuning in Huntington Beach , CA , US

  • OE Tuning

    CA -Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

    Expertise: Performance

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    Username: oetuning

    We tested the OE Tuning ECU flash for Audi S5 4.2 FSi on a Dynapack Dyno. Dynapack utilize a “hub” measuring technique, where the vehicle’s wheels are removed and the dyno is “bolted” to the wheel hubs. This is a great way of factoring out any wheel spin or losses achieved by the wheel’s rotational mass. This particular car had no mods and was running 93 octane pump gasoline. The gains seen when comparing the baseline and tuned runs were strong. +15Hp & +18Tq where seen at the hub (dynograph displayed below, Solid line is Tuned, Dotted line is Baseline, Blue line is Torque & Green line is Horsepower).

    The 4.2 FSi powerplant is also used in the S4 and other Audi models. For more information on flash tuning for Audi please contact for any other enquiries.
  • Date Added : Mar 23, 2016
  • Title : Audi S5 ECU Tuning
  • Make : Audi
  • Model : S5
  • Year : Not Specified
  • Work Done : Performance
  • Project Cost : Not Specified
  • Trim :
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