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1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse ; Mitsubishi Eclipse

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse by miguel_dsm

  • miguel_dsm


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    I had first bought this Eclipse my senior year in high school back in 2012. My dad had previously owned a 1996 Eclipse Gsx during my younger years and i wanted one as well.

    The car has gone through various stages throughout time, and currently sits on Megan coilovers with Rays Gramlight wheels. It has an Evo 8 big brake Brembo swap and has carbon fiber throughout the vehicle including some aerodynamic parts.

    Car is currently undergoing an Evo 8 motor swap in junction with a third generation eclipse transmission. After the motor swap is complete the Eclipse will be getting Statüs bucket seats, Takata racing harnesses, a roll cage and paint.

    Feel free to follow the build progress on Instagram! @miguel_dsm
  • Date Added : Mar 17, 2016
  • Title : 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • Make : Mitsubishi
  • Model : Eclipse
  • Year : 1999
  • Work Done : Wheels & Tires, Paint, Wraps & Body, Lighting, Audio/Video, Interior, Performance, Trim & Accessories, Vehicle Care
  • Project Cost : $7000-$9999
  • Trim :
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