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Bentley Continental GT with Hamann Widebody Kit; Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT with Hamann Widebody Kit by GMP Performance in Charlotte , NC , US

  • GMP Performance

    NC -Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord

    Expertise: Wheels & Tires; Paint, Wraps & Body; Lighting; Audio/Video; Interior; Performance

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    Username: GMPperformance

    This Continental GT touring coupe was delivered to us from a client from California to receive a complete transformation. We started by installing with a full wide body aero package imported from Germany. The front bumper was added and flared extensions were grafted to the factory fenders. The rocker panels were changed adding a set of side skirts that flowed into the rear quarter panels. Underneath the rear quarter extensions, we had to tub out the inner fenders to fit the massive wheels to be fitted later. The rear bumper replaced the factory unit and completed the back half of this Bentley. A rear wing was added to the trunk lid to add additional style. With 85% of the car modified, a color-change was ordered for this GT. The color is lifted from the Lamborghini Reventon which is a matte charcoal grey. The application of the finish is extremely delicate and the entire booth had to be cleaned and all filters and lines replaced prior to starting to spray because the application had to be 100% perfect the first time, since no buffing could be done following the paint job or it would have made a gloss spot. While the car was apart or paint, we also painted the grill, disassembled and painted the headlights, and finished off the brake calipers with matching paint as well. Performance was enhanced with a stainless steel exhaust system that has the Bentley throbbing at idle. An ECU upgrade bumps the horsepower and torque from 552 HP / 479 TQ stock to 620 HP / 600 TQ. The wheels are custom built 22x9 and 22x11 ADV1 ADV05 wheels with brushed gunmetal centers and matte black lips and inner barrels. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli tires.
  • Date Added : Jan 02, 2015
  • Title : Bentley Continental GT with Hamann Widebody Kit
  • Make : Bentley
  • Model : Continental GT
  • Year : Not Specified
  • Work Done : Wheels & Tires, Paint, Wraps & Body, Lighting, Interior, Performance
  • Project Cost : Not Specified
  • Trim :
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