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Magnusson Classic Motors Vehicles, Products and Projects

Magnusson Classic Motors Vehicles, Products and Projects

  • Magnusson Classic Motors

    Metro : AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale

    Expertise : Vehicle Sales


    Sales and Locating Service for Classic Cars and Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles

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    With over 10 years of experience in consignment sales directly related to classic cars, trucks and specialty vehicles in Arizona and around the country.
    Contact us today to see how we are different from the other guys. If you are selling a classic car or truck, we get results, while your vehicle stays safe in your garage.
    We have over 80 classic and specialty cars and trucks available for sale at all times.

    Are you having an impossible time finding that special car you're looking for? Tired of searching? Have you found what you thought was a good one, only to find out it was not what it was represented to be? Well, now you have Magnusson Classic motors on your side! We are pleased to announce our new Car Locating Service!

    After over 15 years in this business, we have put together a huge network of contacts in the classic, luxury, and specialty automobile markets that enables us to locate those rare or hard-to-find automobiles when others cannot. Combine our automobile locating service with our escrow and inspection services and you have everything you need in one place !

    Our car locating service includes:
    1) Vehicle Locating and Qualifying
    2) Vehicle Inspection
    3) Photos and Documentation
    4) Price Negotiation
    5) Escrow Service
    6) Transportation Procurement (shipping costs are extra)
    7) Simple Fee Schedule (percentage of final sale price - 10% up to $50k - sliding scale over $50k)
    8) Low Deposit (only $500 up front to get started) - Pay us using Paypal HERE.

    So you really can leave the driving to us! Just email or call us with your order and we will handle everything for you, from locating your dream car to delivering it to your front door!

    We can now finance your collector car purchase through J.J. Best Banc & Co.

    We have also partnered with MotorTech to provide pre-purchase inspections and market value appraisals.
    For almost half a century MotorTech has served all 50 states and many overseas markets providing comprehensive PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTIONS and MARKET VALUE APPRAISALS for classic, vintage and custom automobiles, trucks and motorcycles, along with muscle cars, street rods and contemporary exotic and high-performance vehicles. We offer a range of options to suit any budget, from “virtual appraisals” to complete, on-site physical inspections, test drives and evaluations utilizing ASE-certified Inspectors and IAAA Appraisers. Motor vehicle evaluations are our ONLY business. We don't buy, sell, broker, restore, repair or transport motor vehicles, nor do we permit them to be advertised for sale on our website. We believe a full-time commitment to our chosen field of endeavor is paramount to delivering the highest quality, most accurate reports possible.

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